TimeÆon Foundation

In 2005, following a series of alarming observations, and having identified glaring shortcomings in watchmaking, the idea of creating a foundation to protect excellence, skills and expertise grew. After lengthy consideration, it became obvious that the only solution was to create the foundation ourselves, as this was the only structure suited to the objectives that we had set ourselves and which we were sincerely committed to achieve. 

From there, the Time Ӕon Foundation was created. Its actions take the form of an ambitious and yet increasingly necessary programme:

  • To increase public awareness about watchmaking in a wide-ranging manner. 
  • To identify and catalogue these endangered skills. 
  • To perpetuate excellence in watchmaking skills and to encourage their transmission. 
  • To protect watchmaking heritage worldwide. 
  • To inspire young people to discover watchmaking. 
  • To support training for future independent watchmakers committed to promoting watchmaking excellence.

This desire to safeguard endangered watchmaking heritage has led the Time Ӕon Foundation to support the Naissance d’une Montre and Oscillon projects. 

These two projects correspond perfectly with the Time Ӕon Foundation philosophy, whose mission is to promote the preservation of hand-worked watchmaking excellence.

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