Simonetta Orsini

Posadas 1101
C1011ABC Buenos Aires

Phone: +54 11 4811-1409

When I expanded my field of expertise from jewellery to fine watchmaking in the mid-1990s, a new world unfold-ed before me. I went from looking for the perfect stone to looking for the most accurate mechanism.I travelled around Switzerland visiting the most tradition-al and, at the same time, most advanced workshops. But I was most taken aback by the truly perfect timepieces produced by Greubel Forsey, with their blend of aesthetic beauty and outstanding mechanisms. Although I was vis-iting small-scale workshops, Greubel Forsey surpassed everything else: 100 timepieces a year for sale world-wide, and each and every one of them perfect.Their timepieces defy logic yet confirm the unlimited possibilities of micro-mechanics coupled with extreme scientific rigour. They pave the way for a completely new understanding of the technique behind fine watchmaking.In their constant quest for precision and innovation, the pair explore diverse ways of measuring time with a sin-gular sense of creativity. It is an honour for our company to represent this brand which is capable of going beyond anything we’ve seen so far and breaking all boundaries.

Martin de Leew

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