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Two of the greatest chefs of the last two decades, Frédy Girardet and Joël Robuchon, consider Kitcho in Kyoto to be the best restaurant in the world. I share that view. There are several reasons for such an accolade: the number of diners is very limited, the menu is chosen by the restaurant according to the seasonality of the ingredients and the client accepts that this is the only way in which perfection in the kitchen can be achieved. Clearly, it also has to be a great labour of love and a fusion of enormous talent and inventive culinary genius. Greubel Forsey is, to the watchmaking business, what Kitcho is to cuisine. The collection is very limited, based on one theme, and Greubel Forsey only produces around 100 pieces in a year, as it is impossible to increase production while maintaining such a high level of quality. The watches talk to me in a way that no other brand can match. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have worked together for over 10 years. Robert, who is French-Swiss, and Stephen, who is British, moved to Switzerland 20 years ago. In the beginning, they specialised in giving advice to the giants of the watchmaking industry, who called on them for help when they could not solve a technical problem. It was a logical progression for them to decide to create their own brand. Their atelier is a tribute to their skill in creating an environment of tradition based on 21st-century production technology. You feel the past, but you see the future.

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