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When words are overused they quickly lose their meaning. This is especially true in the watch world, where writers have worn out terms like iconic, revolutionary and unique to the point where they’ve lost all credibility. The word “rare” is a perfect example of adjective overkill. It’s used so often to describe companies that produce 50,000 watches a year that it no longer has any impact. Thankfully, there are brands like Greubel Forsey to remind us all what true rarity looks like. When I first saw their watches 10 years ago, it was clear that Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey understood what collectors wanted. For me, it was how the complexity of the watches naturally limited production to about 100 pieces a year, a welcome antidote to the ranks of supposedly rare brands. But it’s so much more than simple numbers that make a Greubel Forsey timepiece undeniably special. It’s how they create a deep emotional connection with people who can appreciate the passion behind each elegantly engineered tourbillon and every black-mirror polished bridge. For 13 years, Robert and Stephen have delighted discerning enthusiasts by steadfastly avoiding shortcuts. They’ve shown that there are countless easier ways to make a watch, but only one way to make a Greubel Forsey.

Leon Adams

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