Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision

Tourbillon 24 Seconds
White gold
Silver dial

« Sophistication »

Our primary intention is to present our third invention in a case that is as slender as possible and yet able to accommodate the inclined Tourbillon cage.

It was the lateral projections of our asymmetrical models that gave us the idea for an original solution. By incorporating a dome into the sapphire crystal on the back of the Timepiece, we have created enough extra volume to allow the tourbillon cage to overlap the reference surface of the rear bridges.

The dome is a new and intriguing element that directs attention to the lower bridge of the Tourbillon.

This bridge is more than just a supporting element, it is a triumph of technology and craftsmanship. Its geometry is similar to a Roman vault and its surface is gently polished by hand. Obtaining a perfectly straight reflection over the whole piece requires such expertise and experience that each bridge finished in this way is signed by the craftsman-decorator who executed it.

Apart from the exceptional standard of decoration that naturally applies to all 288 parts in the movement, the play of colours and finishes creates a spectacular visual dynamic, with pride of place given to the sectorial 72-hour power-reserve indicator.

« Simplicity »

This new creation is also distinguished by its elegant, neoclassical simplicity. The overall aesthetic is extremely refined, paying homage to the standard of creation and the finesse of each component.

Particular care has been given to the design of the hands that indicate the time immediately and precisely. They have been lightened to the maximum degree and their form, in the shape of a lance, leads

the eye straight to the indications that are first engraved and then “oven-firing” enamelled into the solid gold of the dial.

The fast-rotating Tourbillon 24 Secondes is also an integral part of the graphic composition of the entire piece. Set inside a light well, it creates an animated scene that is an irresistible invitation to explore the back of the timepiece.

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