Art Pieces

A timepiece is capable of embodying the quintessence of an idea and appearing first and foremost as a means of artistic expression. The Art of Invention: this expression testifies to a forward-looking philosophy that has long been a driving force for Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, both in the field of scientific research as applied to fine watchmaking, and in that of aesthetic innovation. This art of invention is particularly present when it comes to the stunning Art Piece line.

Art Piece 1 Edition 1 is an artistic co-creation by Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey with artist Willard Wigan. It features a nano-sculpture set into its own dedicated space within the timepiece. A miniature microscope set into the caseband will allow full appreciation of this chef-d'oeuvre. The artwork in Art Piece 1 is complemented by a sublime Double Tourbillon 30°, which will ensure that this unique timepiece is as accurate as it is alluring.

Art Piece 1

Art Piece
Robert Filliou

Art Piece Robert Filiou - Robert Filliou passed away in 1987 but his message is still very much alive. On the occasion of the Chapeaux! exhibition, which reactivates the Galerie Légitime of the Fluxus artist, Greubel Forsey has created an Art Piece 1 which pays tribute to this extraordinary artist. The display side is stamped with the principle of equivalence so dear to Filliou – «well made, badly made, not made» – it had been chosen to highlight «badly made» as it contrasts with Greubel Forsey’s obsession for top quality craftsmanship.

The Art Piece 2 Edition 1 is dedicated to Greubel Forsey’s own uni¬verse, and particularly to the watchmaker’s history. Housed in the case, an optical instrument allows the viewer to see a nano-engraved sketch of the Double Tourbillon 30° mechanism, Greubel Forsey’s first in¬vention. This forms a subtle mise en abyme effect of the object within itself, given that this emblema¬tic mechanism itself operates at the heart of this new timepiece. This original artwork was engraved by a secret process on a sapphire tablet. The first impression, is above all a showcase for the artistry that characterizes this timepiece, in which the in¬dication of time becomes of secondary importance and resembles a sort of conjuring trick. It is in fact necessary to activate a pusher that controls a bi-stable shutter mechanism in order to obtain an indi¬cation of the hours and minutes

Art Piece 2
Edition 1

Art Piece 2
Edition 2

The Art Piece 2 Edition 2 pushes back the boundaries of creativity even further. In this first Art Piece realized without an optical system (and therefore without a microsculpture or nanoengraving), the Double Tourbillon 30° appears to be a moving sculpture. Here, the indication of time is secondary: a push-piece that controls a bistable mechanism needs to be activated in order to obtain an indication of the hours and minutes. The power reserve takes precedence over all other information with the aim of altering our relationship with temporality: it is not the current time that we contemplate, but the time remaining. This subtle metaphysical shift is naturally reminiscent of memento mori.